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Curious what to expect your first day? We get lots of questions about it when people are considering coming in to check us out.

People call all the time and ask “how much?” or “how many sessions?” or “can you fix me?”

We get a lot of questions about price and scheduling. These are very important questions, and we will get to them, but we need some information first. We don’t know anything about you yet, and we don’t even know if what you need is within our scope of practice.

Is it going to cost money? Yes.

Is it a million dollars? No.

Can we help you? Not sure.

Can you afford it? Probably.

Either way, we’re not going to talk you into something you don’t want or need. So let’s have a real conversation.

The way we find out where you’re coming from, what you want and need, and whether or not it makes sense to work together is by having a face to face meeting. We do this on your first day. This allows us to spend the required amount of time in a professional setting to figure these things out.

Unlike most gyms, we don’t sell workouts. We sell professional coaching. We take an individual approach to fitness that allows for people to workout together in a group…eventually — and with the long term support of a dedicated coach. Our program is not a commodity, therefore it can’t be compared to other gyms. We are the only IronFire. If you want IronFire, we’re the place to get it.

(Check out how we’re different than the other gyms.)

Okay, back to your first day.

So let’s say you’ve gotten past the initial phone call, it sounds like you have problem we may be able to help you out with, and you’ve booked your in person meeting with your prospective coach. Here’s what you should expect:

We’re not going to have you move yet. Easy tiger, we’ll get to back squats and pushing the sled in due time. No movement assessment, movement instruction, or working out until you hire us. 

We will ask you a lot about yourself (we’ll make sure it’s okay with you first). The more honest you can be, the better. If we’re going to have a successful coach/client relationship with you, it has to be built on trust.

We will want you to bring some questions to the meeting as well. We will answer them to the best of our ability, and some of them we might not be able to answer.

If we think we can help you, we will share how we intend to do that. We will share our strategy to get you what you want. Then, we’ll ask you if you want to do it.

You might say NO.

You might say YES.

We might agree to work together.

If yes, then we will figure out much training to start with, and we will get our first sessions together paid for and booked. Make sure you have your calendar available and you bring a form of payment in case you decide to do something.

If you say no, that is totally fine.

If it’s a yes for both of us, then get ready for your life to change. We’ll shake hands, agree to meet again soon, and get the party started!

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