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You want something? Deserve it.


I recently heard this question on a popular fitness podcast and found it interesting enough to write about. Do you have a goal? Do you act in a way to deserve that? Do your daily habits reflect a person who would achieve that goal?


It’s a simple and honest way to ask yourself if you have been putting in the work to achieve the things you want.


“I want a bigger back squat and a faster mile time”. Okay. From the way you’ve been living do you deserve those things? What would a person do day to day in order to deserve those things? Okay, now go do it.


I know easier said than done, but the next step after setting a goal is developing a game plan of the habits you need to implement in order to start moving forward. Those daily habits build confidence and create momentum. Momentum keeps you mentally focused and helps overcome the many obstacles ahead. When something challenging comes you have those small victories to look back on and remind yourself to keep going.


Try it out.


Think of something you’d like to achieve, and ask yourself what you would have to do in order to deserve it.


“I want to run a 10k without stopping to walk”. What will I have to do in order to deserve the ability to do that? I will probably have to find a coach or training program which will most likely have me running 2-4 times a week with increasing mileage per week over the course of a few months until I have the proper aerobic endurance to run a 10k.


Now how do you own it? Make it a part of who you are.


Tell yourself…I am a person who will go train even when its raining, cold, too late, or too early. I will sign up for a 10k run as well as ask my friends and family to hold me accountable. I will deserve this because my habits and actions reflect a person who can run a 10k without stopping to walk.


I am a reflection of my daily habits.


“I want to be fit”. One, can you be more specific? Being fit can mean different things to each of us. Two, do you deserve to be fit? What do you have to do to deserve that?


Visualize yourself achieving that goal. What do you have to do in order to improve your fitness? Did you cut corners, skip workouts, eat terribly, and hope for the best? Or did you eat healthy meals 80% of the time, train 3-5 days a week, get proper recovery, and ask your coach for advice to help endure the obstacles? Be honest with yourself and decide what you are willing to do throughout the week in order to move the needle forward.


If you have a goal, create daily habits that reflect someone who deserves to reach that goal.

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