Workout Anywhere Bodyweight Series

Bodyweight Workout

Whether you’re on the road or stuck at home, this bodyweight workout series will get your fitness going. Choose your own intensity level: low, moderate, or high. Just make sure to focus on movement quality over intensity. You want to be able to do this for a long time, right?

To do these bodyweight workout Squat Thrusts, start in a standing position. Drop or sprawl to a plank. Return to standing. If you’re just starting out, or if you have pain in your joints, you can modify these by kneeling first, then extending your legs out one at a time to achieve the plank. Return to the kneeling position one leg at a time and then stand back up. 

Bodyweight workout Air Squats begin in a standing position. Brace your core. Grab the ground with your feet and make sure to maintain contact with your big knuckle, little knuckle, and heel (tripod foot position). Initiate the squat by pushing your hips back. Keep your spine neutral and knees stacked over your toes (directly above or slightly in front is okay).  Squat to a comfortable depth. The goal is to squat until your hips are below the tops of your knees, however, safe position is more important than range of motion.

The sit-up is a classic bodyweight workout exercise. Anchor your feet under anything stable. Begin the sit-up with your shoulder blades on the floor, and sit-up as far as you can. The goal is for the front of your shoulder to cross your hip at the top. Try placing a rolled up towel under your lumbar for added support and a better abdominal contraction. 

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