As a coach, I do my best to be transparent with everyone I work with- yes, that means sharing the good, bad, and ugly. That includes more than just talking about successes and PRs; that includes fears, failures, mistakes, falling off the wagon, everything. Why? Because I understand fitness is more than just lifting weights and eating healthy foods. That being said, I wanted to talk a little about my experience with fitness.

Fitness, for most of us, is an outlet, a stress reliever, a place to make friends/ gain a community, a way to gain confidence back… whatever it may be, it’s more than just working out. IMG_1720

For me, it’s all the above. I spent years holding myself back and staying in cheap gyms with no guidance or fellow lifters because I was afraid. Why? Aside from the fact that I was selling myself short, I feared rejection and/or failure. I was comfortable, albeit bored, doing what I was already slightly above average at. I wanted to progress my fitness into a more advanced gym with a qualified coach and it took me a long time to finally make that jump.

Part of it may have been that I didn’t find the right gym or coach for me, as well, but I felt intimidated to venture into any high level gyms that I knew would advance my fitness. Why? Because advancing fitness means trying new things and failing them at first in order to get better (that’s scary).

Once I did make the jump, though, I saw a massive improvement in not only my fitness, but my overall happiness level, as well.

When I found IronFire, it clicked. One of the reasons I love it and all of or members is because it isn’t any of the things I was afraid of (intimidating, no allowance for a learning curve, etc.)

Instead, what it is: welcoming, friendly, a place to fail comfortably with the opportunity to learn, an encouraging environment, and a strong communityAlso, I IMG_1363 (1)can bet my members burpees on the Steelers beating the Patriots and we can all still get along.

The group setting where you not only motivate each other and have fun while also getting professional coaching is so underrated.

Not to mention, this doesn’t get talked about as often as it should, but as a female who likes to lift and workout, it can be really intimidating to enter a new gym for so many reasons, especially a whole new kind of gym that you’re not used to. We don’t need to address the reasons they’re so nerve-wracking now, but I know this to be true from personal experience, so I can relate to the hesitancy to start.

If you’re nervous or have been hesitant to start, just know that even as a coach who loves fitness and heavy lifting, I can relate to your feelings and can tell you, better things lie ahead, especially if they are things that make you a little nervous.

If you’re ready to take the jump and enjoy your fitness as well as become a better athlete all around, send me an email and let me show you what IronFire can do for you.

-Coach Aly



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