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Do you want to exercise or do you want to train?

If you think you need to breathe hard and get drenched in sweat every time you work out, then congratulations, you are an exerciser. And there’s nothing wrong with that. You probably have a decent baseline of fitness and you’re stuck there.

A good exercise program should focus on both strength and conditioning. So you’re doing some resistance training with weights and some cardio. Each session feels about the same with an occasional “hard one” thrown in to see if you’re ready for more. This is a fine way to stay in shape and get your daily serotonin hit. Other than that, this approach is extremely limited.

Exercise alone is not enough to reach your true potential. Once you are in a comfortable routine, it holds you back from becoming more. With limited progress, personal growth becomes near impossible. It’s in this (usually unconscious) realization that you become disillusioned and switch your program for “something new” or quit altogether. Even if you try out several different gyms, you never quite find the right fit. The feelings of loss and being lost set in.

The reason this happens is because you don’t have an adequate training program.

What’s the difference between a training program and an exercise program? Exercise is just one piece of a much bigger system. For exercise to truly change your life, it needs to be programmed thoughtfully. Your program must develop your weaknesses while allowing you to enjoy your strengths. There must be purpose in your training. It has to be enjoyable. And it’s not just workouts.

Training is the catalyst for personal growth and self-actualization. It’s a process and a lifelong commitment, and you can’t do it alone.

You need a Coach who can assess your movement and teach you to move better. If you like to workout in a group — that’s great! Supplement that with regular one on one training. You need a Coach who will lead you to better nutrition. You need a Coach who will keep you accountable. You need a Coach who understands your motivations, the way you move, your schedule, how you eat, when to dose you hard and when to back off. You need a Coach that understands not every training session needs to leave you a sweat soaked pile of mess on the floor. That following heavy days with light days makes you stronger. You need to find a Coach like this if you are at all interested in finding out who you really are. If you want to become the person you are meant to be. Once you find your Coach and make the commitment to yourself, you won’t just be exercising anymore. You’ll be training.

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