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Whatever your goals are and whatever diet you are trying to implement, compliance and adherence are the most important factors in reaching your goals. If you cannot adhere to the diet long term or for the duration needed, then you will fall short every time. So how do we make it easier on ourselves?


Sticking to a meal plan can be difficult. Especially when you have busy days in the office, running errands, and transporting the kids to different corners of the county. Cooking healthy meals takes time and finding healthy food outside of the house can be near impossible sometimes. That’s why planning ahead is crucial to adherence to your meal plan.


Meal Preparation

Meal prep is, in my opinion, is the absolute best way to stick to your meal plan. Preparing your meals in advance sets you up for success for the entire week ahead. With your meals ready to go you will find it much harder to deviate from your plan. You already spent time to cook the meal, now you simply need to heat it up and enjoy.



It also takes much less time to meal prep compared to cooking your meals every day. You can spend 60-90 minutes cooking all your food for the next week. If you spend just 20 minutes cooking every day that adds up to almost 2 ½ hours over the week. That valuable time adds up  and keeps you from doing things you enjoy. Get it all done in one go and you don’t have to stress over finding healthy food options elsewhere.


Cook in Bulk


You can cook all your proteins, carbs and fats all at once. I cook all my meat (I usually use 2 lbs of chicken) on a large 11×17’’ baking sheet. I cook all my potatoes and sweet potatoes on another sheet. Then I cook the veggies on the stove top while the other food cooks in the oven. You can even use a crock pot while the other food cooks. Cook as much as you can. Fill up your fridge with ready to go healthy meals.


Get Everyone Involved


Some studies show some benefits to getting the kids involved in the kitchen. They appreciate the food more because they helped with the finished product. It’s a place to teach and learn new skills with each other. Try new recipes, find more foods you like, find better ways to combine flavors. Challenge a buddy to start meal prepping with you. Talk about what works and what still needs some improvement. Make it normal, another healthy habit you can share with others. See who can meal prep the most weeks in a row.


No plan is a plan to fail. Plan ahead and set yourself up for success.


If you are curious about more meal prep strategies let me know in the comments. Share this with someone you know struggling to maintain good eating habits.



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