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Why did you start exercising?


Was it to be the fittest person at your gym? Or was it to learn more about exercise and be a healthier happier human?


My guess is that most people want to be healthy for a long time. There comes a time where you might want to push your limits and compete at something. This calls for sport specific training and is only used when your gearing up for a competition. If you are not training for a specific and you just want to be healthy and active then I recommend training for general physical preparedness (GPP).


But here’s the thing, this only works if you show up and train a variety of movements at different intensities. Meaning, you should commit to exercising at least 3-5 times a week to stay healthy and active. Anything less and your struggling to maintain your fitness level.


No Cherry Picking


We have all been there. We train at a gym that gives you online access to the workout and we see what’s planned for the day. The movement you hate the most pops up and you immediately sigh and decided to take a rest day because you will probably get a terrible score. This means you only want to do workouts your good at and will skip the stuff you don’t like doing. We all know this is wrong but it still happens.


Most Bang for the Buck


You need to go in on the days that have your worst movements. You will see more improvement on the things your not good at then the exercises you love. If you don’t do this then your fitness level stagnates and you become a specialist at a few exercises. The goal of GPP is to be a jack of all trades while exercising. So in order to be a well rounded, healthy and active person you need to commit to coming to the gym no matter what’s on the menu.


Schedule It Out and Make Adjustments


As you schedule your week be sure to add in the times you want to workout. On those days go to the gym no matter what. I understand checking the workout to see what shoes and equipment you may need but don’t let any movement keep you from staying true to your commitment. You can keep everything you need in a gym bag so you don’t even have to check the workout beforehand. Yes, life gets in the way and we have to miss some days. Do your best to not to let those days off add up too quickly.


Move With a Purpose and Move Often


Even if you don’t train at a functional fitness gym, you should still commit to the days you want to workout. Improving and maintaining your GPP takes time and consistency so don’t let yourself off the hook easily. Make the commitment that exercise will be part of your life.




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