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It’s easy to get caught in this trap. You see really fit people doing complex exercises and workouts that look super cool. Now you want to do this fancy exercise because you saw the ripped guy doing it. Yea it looks cool, but I’m willing to bet that it’s not how that person got into great shape. This is how we as consumers need to be smart and equipped to sift through the sexy stuff and get down to how a person builds a healthier body. You rarely see someone drastically improve their physique by doing crazy weird exercises in the gym.


If you’re a beginner to lifting weights then it’s imperative that you stick to the basics and stay away from the fancy looking stuff. Basic strength and conditioning aimed at increasing general physical preparedness is exactly where you need to be.


A fitness influencer on social might do some really cool looking lunge/glute/core complexes and make it seem like these exercises helped them get their impressive physique. But this person may be extremely genetically gifted. Doing elaborate explosive push ups and balancing on physio balls do not get people in great shape. But hey it does look really cool. An NFL linebacker may be doing some heavy squats with chains and bands followed by some explosive agility drills and super heavy sled pushes. It’s great seeing them grind and push their bodies to the limit. But this isn’t what the majority of us need. Our goals are not to make big plays on the football field. Most of our goals are to be healthier, fitter, and more active people.


Now let’s talk specificity. If you have a specific sport you’re training for, at an elite level, i.e. powerlifting, football, basketball, track and field, then yes we’re looking to increase human performance to the absolute max. Your already great at expressing powerful athletic ability and we will need to use some more elaborate exercises to try and improve your performance. But if you’re not at the elite level and you wish to just get healthier we need to stick to the basics of strength training and building some aerobic capacity with progressive overload.


It’s our responsibility as consumers to look at the patterns and ask questions. Are those exercises really necessary? Does it look like their trying to reinvent the wheel? Sticking to the basics can get you extremely far in your pursuit of a healthier and fitter body. The extra white noise is great clickbait that can be entertaining to watch, but will not help the majority reach their goals. The strongest, fittest, most sculpted physiques all started, and continue to use, basic strength training principles aimed at progressive overload overtime.


I also don’t think there’s anything wrong with posting cool looking workouts. I’ve done it. I said already that they are entertaining to watch. But I make sure to emphasize the importance of being on a structured workout plan. I believe it’s important to know as a consumer of this media platform that it shouldn’t fool us into believing these cool looking workouts got them in great shape. A structured plan of progressive overload is what builds the muscles and builds capacity.


Don’t be fooled by the sexy looking stuff.



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