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Your path to becoming a MadLab accredited Professional Coach

As a fitness trainer, you’re probably looking at two paths to follow as you set out on your professional career. You can get a job at a personal training studio or a big box gym and work as a 1 on 1 personal trainer. You might make a decent commission, or you might make just over minimum wage. The majority of trainers who are surviving in San Diego are working 60+ hours per week. That’s a lot a personal training!

Our coaches work 25 hours per week or less on the floor.

As a MadLab facility, our coaches go through an extensive 2 to 3 year coach development program. This program is accredited via Madlab School of Fitness.

This program is designed to professionalize the fitness industry.

We take the time to train our coaches. From academic and technical coaching to business and sales training, our program develops some of the best coaches in the industry.

Our coaches start by learning basic movement mechanics before they learn how to coach others. This is done by shadowing senior coaches, taking practical assessments, completing learning modules in our online school, and taking online exams.

Once apprentice coaches graduate to Associate Coach, they continue education and development. There is upward mobility and opportunity for an Associate Coach to become a Senior Coach, Instructor Coach, Head Coach, and even Partner. Our top qualified coaches may be offered to partner in the business and become an owner.

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