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New Year’s is coming up and I’m sure you’re thinking about your resolutions already. Surely health and fitness fall among the categories of things you want to improve. Did you have much sustained success last year you made those resolutions? Don’t just wing it and rely on the outdated attempts such as nonstop cardio and eating significantly less on crazy diets. Find a coach. Eliminate the guesswork and set yourself up for success. Learn how to do it right this time.

You might be thinking “why would I get a coach? I can just program work outs for myself or I can look online for a program. I can plan my meals, I eat healthy enough.” This is a great way to think if you’re looking to stay average, get injured, or stay on the cycle of starting over.

Websites will always have 4 to 12 week programs for you to fall back on when you’re at a loss. But they aren’t personalized and may build on a faulty foundation if you’re not prepared for what the program asks for or don’t know how to move properly. It’s time to learn how to do it right this time.

Now, I could dive into this extensively because I really like the science behind fitness. But I’ll spare you the wordy details and nerd talk. I’ll keep it brief and do my best not to ramble here.


The right coach will be able to find the weaknesses in your foundation and know how to correct them. Whether it be your weak glutes leading to lack of knee control, tight pecs leading to rounded shoulders, or tight hip flexors pulling your hips into a distorted position. They will also know how to progress your program according to your recovery and goals. Coaches are certified and have years of experience. All that’s left for you to do is show up.


2. Individualized attention

Your program will be tailored to you and only you, just as your macros will be, mobility programming… whatever it is you need, your coach will break it down to a personal level. What works for others may not work for you and it’s important to not continue to do what doesn’t work, or even worse, what is wrong for your body. A small female who has never worked out before shouldn’t be doing the same program as a male looking to be more competitive in collegiate football and vice versa. The fact is that if you look for a program online, you’ll be running the risk of finding one that is not consistent with your goals, which may lead you to being frustrated and giving up.

In addition, they can help you find the most comfortable lifting positions for your body, which online programs and videos on YouTube won’t always be able to explain. For example, someone with a longer torso will squat differently than someone with a shorter one. Or deadlifting with long femurs. Forcing your body to lift from a poor start position can be more detrimental than you think. Learn what your body needs.

3. Injury prevention

They’ll give you consistent, live feedback and correct movements before they lead to injury. You can’t know what you’re doing wrong if you don’t know it’s wrong, right? Between corrective exercise and mobility work, your body will be prepared for a long road of sustained fitness.


4. Goal planning and achievement

Do you know what’s possible in 1 month? 3 months? 1 year? Are you setting attainable, realistic, yet challenging goals? Either we expect too much out of a short time period or we don’t demand enough of ourselves. Don’t set the bar too low for yourself, but at the same time, set them just out of your reach so you have something to work for. Combined with the coach’s knowledge of fitness and what is realistic as well as their belief in you, you’ll be on track to achieve your goals.

5. Support system

In a coach, you’ll find someone who cares and motivates you. Someone you can talk to about life, fitness, stress, anything. We’ve all experienced naysayers when we had a goal or a dream, but having even one person in your corner to help believe in you can be all you need. Fitness is more than just weights and nutrition. It’s handling stress, dealing with emotional eating, sleeping adequately, believing in yourself, finding a deeper reason why… Find a coach capable of handling all the above- someone with more than just technical knowledge, someone you trust and can communicate with, someone to hold you accountable & motivate you. Your coach, above all, should understand your why.


At IronFire, you get a coach for life. Yes- that means you get to bug me for life. Lucky you, huh? ‘Coach for Life’ means we are here to help you for more than just getting you into the gym. We’re all here to help you move better, to find your WHY, to hold you accountable, teach you the simple truth behind fitness, and MAKE you succeed. We’re here for you and your success.

I’m not saying you can’t do it alone. I’m saying you can do it BETTER with some guidance. Don’t just be good. BE. GREAT.

Time to take the guesswork out. Email me today and let’s get you succeeding in the new year.


Yours in health,

Coach Aly Scrima

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